In a post pandemic world grappling to escape the clutches of covid-19, major market disruption and the digital demands associated with this new age are all wreaking havoc.

Marketers face a suite of common challenges including:

Just when modern marketers thought they could roar into the 2020s with confidence and ease, along came the global pandemic, turning the world on its wheel.

Now, more than ever, is not the time to accept complacency but rather rev up a gear to meet this brave new world head on.

And the key to conquering lays in market automation.

When a new marketing trend arrives at the market, the majority of small business owners treat it with caution. They need to get some proof to justify their investment before integrating it into their company. And even though marketing automation is not quite a new trend, 25% of marketers still ignore it.


While one in four marketers are ignoring automation, the figures speak for themselves.

According to key statistics compiled by

It would be simple to scoff and say automateonline is living in what feels like the distant past, in a world before covid disruption.

However, more recent figures released this year by, cement these claims finding:

At The Station, we are responding to this brave new world with our own suite of products designed to improve marketing response rates, deliver communication which is relevant, personalised content over multiple channels and ensure marketing communication is automated.

Through our revolutionary marketing automation smart technology, our innovative platform can deliver creative, personalised, and relevant content across digital and print media channels.

The key benefits to our marketing automation platform include:

  1. Improved response rates
  2. No upfront investment
  3. A dedicated integration team at your service
  4. Fully automated customer mapping journey
  5. Seamless communication

In a world where there appears to be little black and white but plenty of shades of grey, adopting a tangible approach to marketing is a solid way forward.

A marketer alone is a fisherman with a rod. And now let’s compare: how many fish will you able to catch with a rod and with a net? You got me. A marketer with automation software is a fisherman with a net. And while it’s harmful in nature to fish with a net, it’s quite fair in marketing.


It’s time to build a roadmap for your business which incorporates the future and where smart marketing solutions are supported by those who have done the leg work.  In short, it’s time to net that catch and transform your business with a smarter marketing solution.

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