We will identify and develop a tailored customer journey perfectly suited to your business, so that your lead generation, response rates, and levels of customer loyalty set you apart from the rest.

Identification and Development

Our team will take the time to understand your intended initiative and will work with you to develop a comprehensive campaign management strategy to keep you on track. From audience identification and journey planning to defining key campaign objectives, we will ensure that the best user experience methodologies, deployment tactics, and skillsets are called upon to best leverage your identified opportunities.

The development of your campaign strategy will be designed to complement your desired outcomes and encompass the complete campaign journey, from inception to completion. There is no need for expensive campaign management software, as we will ensure that you are making the most of your customer data by providing relevant, engaging communication through the right channels, at the right time.

Tailoring, Tinkering and Launch

Through the use of marketing automation technology, your campaign will be developed to talk to your audience as individuals, thereby delivering bespoke content without any manual intervention from you throughout the journey.

The creative framework behind your campaign will be designed in line with your brand and tailored to complement your demographics. The degree of personalisation is only limited by the data made available to us.

Planning, designing, coding, and testing is facilitated internally, prior to campaign launch. Our engineers will ensure that our robust pre-flight processes are adhered to, leaving you with the responsibility of ensuring that you’re pleased with the campaign strategy, creative elements, customer journey, and pre-defined objectives.

Benchmarking and Analysing

By understanding your intended destination, our team will work with you to pre-define your campaign objectives and benchmarks. Through our experience, intuition, and current industry data, you’ll be presented with realistic insights into the key performance indicators that drive your marketing automation initiative. This will assist in managing the expectations behind the campaign.

Prior to launching any data-driven initiative, we firmly recommend entrusting our team to screen your data by focussing on its validity, currency, and authenticity. This protocol ensures that you have up-to-date, accurate comprehension of your potential campaign reach. If you’re in a position where you don’t have access to customer data, then our team will assist you in implementing a pre-campaign initiative that will help create a comprehensive, unified database.

Throughout the life of the campaign, you’ll have instantaneous access to its metrics and results – from anywhere, at any time. By having immediate insight into your campaign’s engagement rates, you’ll be able to make sound judgements on the findings and results of your initiative. Meanwhile, the team at The Station will actively interrogate the campaign data and analyse your results by measuring the outcomes against your objectives, while looking to uncover additional insight.

Adapting and Improving

We are behind the controls of our marketing automation technology, which allows us to holistically maintain and modify your campaign strategy, personalised content, and customer journey.

We understand that in today’s fast-paced environment, we need to have the ability to remain agile, particularly when new opportunities are identified – this level of flexibility can be of benefit to you and your initiatives. With comprehensive access to our powerful marketing and campaign management platform, we’re able to adjust and adapt your campaign to suit any situation, should you need to pivot post-launch.

Managing and Monitoring

We’re with you every step of the way. In fact, we can be as hands-on as you like and will happily facilitate your campaign in its entirety.

Your multi-disciplined team will be formulated based on your opportunity at hand, your campaign objectives, your desired content, and your campaign strategy. You’ll have access to the best people for the job all the time, every time.

Your results will be reviewed, with key insights being analysed for further development and action.

The team at The Station will ensure that your business is continuously clicking forward.

Ready to depart? We’ll see you at The Station. All aboard!