Marketing Automation

Smart campaigns that convert through multiple touchpoints

Increase your marketing response rates, deliver relevant communication, create personalised collateral for every channel, and automate your marketing communication.

Tailor-make innovative and relevant solutionsfor individual customer needs.

Improve your marketing, operational and transactional communication with our Marketing Automation solution. This cross-channel platform, which spans both digital and print mediums, provides creative, engaging, and tailored content to improve your campaigns.

From platform to destination, we do it all for you. There is no need for you to invest in expensive software, additional resources, or time to understand how to use a Marketing Automation tool.

Unique productfunctions

Enhance response

Customised campaigns which are tailored to your audience speak volumes in a saturated market.


Our solution allows you to automate your customer journey from beginning to end across multiple touchpoints.

No upfront costs

No upfront investment of software or additional overhead costs required to create and execute campaigns.


One single synchronised database drives an integrated multi touchpoint campaign.

Campaign Delivery

Save time and money on upskilling your employees with our inhouse support team trained to deliver your campaigns for you.

Ease of communication

Transition between communication channels with seamless integration.


Customer Journey Mapping
Collaborative Campaign Storyboard
Automation Platform
Dynamic & Static Campaign Options
Campaign Reporting & Performance Dashboard
Centralised Synchronised Database
Dynamic Content by Data Segmentation
Instant Launch
Schedule Launch
Cross Client & Browser Tested
Unsubscribe Management System
(Combination options below)
Personalised Emails
Personalised Landing Pages
Personalised Confirmation Pages
Personalised Email Notifications
Personalised Print
Personalised Websites
Personalised SMS
Social Media
Dynamic QR Codes
API Integration POA
CRM Integration POA
Cost per Email* 3.0 cents
Cost per SMS 20.00 cents
Optional Extras
Database Management POA
Database Washing POA
Campaign Creative POA
Campaign Design & Copy POA

*Emails will be invoiced quarterly in arrears.

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