Proposal Express

A faster way to convert and close deals.

Create quick and professional looking proposals for everyday business development requirements, safe in the knowledge that brand standards are adhered to and that every proposal is tailored towards your specification.

Is your proposal processin need of higher conversions?

Reduce the time it takes to manually create and design proposals by utilising a solution that ensures your proposals are fully customisable, on brand and compliant with your company’s policies and procedures.

Using brand and business rules to drive document functionality and data formats, Proposal Express can complete complex and quality proposals efficiently and deliver instant results to any business.

Using dynamic content, one template can be used across multiple business locations, enabling flexibility across your team.

Adobe InDesign integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate your existing branded proposals and transform them into dynamic proposal templates.

Unique productfunctions

Brand Integrity

Enables brand control and maintaining consistency to ensure there is a reduction in errors when sending our proposals.


Provides a truly templated solution, that can be customised to enhance your sales process and increase conversions.


With Adobe InDesign integration, you can take existing branded proposals and dynamically integrate them into proposal express.

Business Rules

The use of business rules drives document functionality and data formats.

Dynamic Content Placement

Images and copy are dynamically formatted within proposals for simplicity and aesthetics.

Real-time changes

Amend and update proposals instantly maintaining time efficiencies and increasing productivity.


Users 10
Login Enforcement
Customised Homepage
Adobe InDesign Template Integration
User Defined Text Fields
Variable Text Fields
Variable Images
Image Upload
User Dynamic Layers
Dynamic Tables
Dynamic Calculator
PDF Download – Low Resolution Unlimited
PDF Download – Print Ready Unlimited
User Revisions
Optional POA
Campaign Creative POA
Campaign Design & Copy POA
API Integration POA

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