Meet our team

Wayne Butcher

Technical Advisor & Analyst

Celebrating 30 years in the print and IT industry, Wayne is charged with developing solutions that ensure best business practices are adhered to.

Wayne is The Station’s Technical Advisor with a focus on technical innovation and understanding frameworks in relation to data and security.

He started his career at Fuji Xerox in New Zealand at the age of 18 as a service engineer, before moving into software development, head management and highly technical specialised roles.

Having won leadership a leadership award at Fuji Xerox, Wayne is a follower of new techniques and spends his spare time keeping up with trends in the IT development industry.

A specialist in product innovation, Wayne’s motto is “work smarter, not harder.”

Analytical and data driven, his vision for The Station is an innovative team delivering innovative solutions to customers, recognising that forms of communication are evolving.

The Station is an intelligent marketing services platform that enables dynamic businesses to achieve their goals by aligning marketing with business objectives.