Meet our team

Tom Jenner

Head of Design

The Station’s Head of Design, Tom Jenner, is focused on delivering the highest standard of creative work that meets, and exceeds, the needs of his clients.

The combination of his extensive industry experience, a keen understating of his clients’ goals and a unique design perspective result in exceptional client outcomes.

As The Station’s creative leader for projects, Tom prides himself on his ability to push creative boundaries to create fresh, exciting content for his clients, while nurturing and supporting his creative team to deliver outstanding work.

Tom brings 20 years of international experience to The Station, having held a number of Senior Designer and Design Management roles working in a wide variety of sectors and organisations.

Tom has worked with diverse clients from around the world and is adept at embracing industry changes while keeping his finger firmly on the pulse to ensure that he stays current and up to date with the latest global trends.

He lists the qualities he most admires in the industry’s thought leaders as knowledge, authenticity, humility and objectivity and believes that a true thought leader is a specialist in their given field, whose expertise and knowledge are sought after and respected.

Tom describes himself as creative, dependable, insightful and tenacious. He pushes the boundaries in order to ensure that every project exceeds expectations for his team and his clients.

Tom’s continued growth and improvement in his own abilities and knowledge ensures the very best outcomes are achieved.