Meet our team

Lyjan Quinney

Junior Design Engineer

As a Junior Design Engineer at The Station, Lyjan Quinney is working towards her goal of becoming a fully certified Graphic Designer.

As an emerging designer she has achieved Certificate I in Business, and a Certificate II in Visual Arts, and is focused on learning and improving her processes, and strives to be the best at what she does.

She admires thought leaders who are confident, dedicated to what they do, and who have the drive to continually improve.

Her background in the hospitality industry has honed her problem-solving abilities and has taught her to make quick decisions. She is motivated by a strong desire to learn and believes in seeing every task through to the end, while providing the highest quality work possible.

She credits her great-grandmother with inspiring her to be resilient and have a strong work ethic. Her great-grandmother, who was the first Indigenous person in Lyjan’s family to be recognized as an Australian citizen, fought for her children to receive a public education in Western Australia.

Lyjan is a quick thinker who loves to come up with creative solutions. Her number one goal is to provide fast and reliable work and to be considered a dependable professional. She describes herself as a perfectionist and an organiser.