Meet our team

Deborah Van Wyk

Chief Marketing Officer

With a raft of international business experience in South Africa, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Deborah is a successful marketing disruptor.

In her role as The Station’s Chief Marketing Officer, she is responsible for the integrity of the brand, managing an innovative team, operational maturity, and empowering The Station’s clients.

Deborah has a bachelor’s in business administration (Honours in Marketing) and has strong academic accreditations in Advertising and Business Management. Deb has spoken internationally and lectured in marketing, management, advertising and strategy for 10 years bringing a global business outlook to the stage.

An Auckland business mentorship of the year award winner for her contribution to small-to-medium business growth, Deb fuels her purpose to inspire people and ignite their inner potential. Deb has contributed to the business community by being a collaborative mentor to aspiring marketing and business professionals as well as working with aspiring youth entrepreneurs

Deborah has held leadership roles from an early age, being appointed, at 24, as the youngest Vice Principal of an academic institution in South Africa.

Deborah left the education sector to pursue her own business ventures in marketing in South Africa and New Zealand, before moving to Australia.

A creative storyteller, Deborah brings a human and feminine approach to the highly male-oriented technology industry.

The Station is an intelligent marketing services platform that enables dynamic businesses to achieve their goals by aligning marketing with business objectives.