Meet our team

Neil Zaltsman

Product Strategist

A former Managing Director of South Africa’s largest private security company, Neil believes product and marketing innovation is king.

Boasting a more recent background as a printing franchisee. Neil has a solid understanding of the Franchise and business eco-systems. Neil is The Station’s Product Strategist involved in addressing business improvement issues.

A former teacher with a HDE from the University of Natal, he swapped the chalkboard for the corporate life and hasn’t looked back.

Neil is working on positioning The Station’s niche solutions among franchise businesses and multi-site locations, with a focus on the scalability of its products.

He is passionate that The Station be renowned as a marketing agency known for its technology solutions that assist in delivering one-on-one communications to a broad range of customers.

A strategic problem-solver, Neil brings business owner experience, discipline and attention-to-detail to his role.

The Station is an intelligent marketing services platform that enables dynamic businesses to achieve their goals by aligning marketing with business objectives.